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When selling your home, any Fort Lauderdale property management company will tell you that a large part to thefort lauderdale property management whole process is taking high quality photos. Taking high quality photos can help to highlight the best parts of your home, making them shine and appeal to your perspective buyers. If you’re looking to photograph your home yourself, the following is a quick guide on the top tips that you can use to photograph your home ready for selling. Let’s take a look at what they are now.

  1. Clean Your Home

No one likes to see a mess when viewing images of a home. So it’s important to clean your home first. A clean home in your photo represents a well maintained home. This will help to peak the buyers interest and will make the illusion your home is well taken care of, even if it’s not.

  1. Opt For Natural Light

The best photos are taken with natural light. Open the curtains and take photos around midday. This is when the sun is at its highest and when the light is shining into the room. Using natural light over electricity light will help to make everything look brighter and more crisp in the image.

  1. Take Different Angles

Another trick that a Fort Lauderdale property management company will tell you is to try new angles. Some photos work well depending on the angles taken. When taking a picture of a room, experiment with different locations. Different angles bring out a different perspective on the room so it’s important to take this into consideration to see whether you can get a great photo.

  1. Get On Your Knees

Taking photos on your knees allows you to easily gain a more intimate setting. Lower images allow your audience to feel as if they’re seeing the room in a new way, instead of looking down on the room. Many great home photos have come from the knee position.

  1. Avoid Eye-Sores

The things you should avoid taking photos of, unless they’re really spectacular, are things such as lights, ceiling fans, air conditioning units etc. Your audience isn’t really interested in these sorts of things, they’re more interested in the size of the room and the condition it’s in.


Any Fort Lauderdale property management company will tell you that to take a great photo you need a good camera, the right lighting and some patience. By following these tips above, you can really enhance the photos of your property ready for its sale date. Republic Property Management will help you to get your property ready for sale. Whether it’s to remove the tenants or to manage other areas of the property, we can help. So have you taken good photos yet?

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