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Looking to sell your home? Don’t want to use a real estate agent? Any Cooper City property management company home sellingwill tell you that selling your home through a real estate agent can be costly, however the costs generally outweigh the effort the real estate agent puts into selling your home. Although if you’re someone who determined to do it alone, the following are some of the top selling tips you can use to sell your home without using a real estate.

Homeowner Selling Advice Without An Agent

Make The House Sellable – To make your house sell faster you first need to make it more appealing. This means repainting the home, rearranging the furniture in a respectable and user friendly way, as well as retiling the bathroom if tiles are fallen off etc. Creating a neat and warm environment that is appealing to buyers is the best way to start the selling process.

Set A Price – Setting the price is the next thing you need to consider. The price shouldn’t be what you’re looking to get, it should be realistic and based on the current market value of other properties around the area. To work out the price you will need to do some research. Although you may like $500,000 for your home, in reality it may only be worth $350,000. An over-priced home will sit on the market longer than a right priced home will.

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise – When advertising your home for sale, any Cooper City property management company will tell you that you need to do a few things. These include:

  • Write a great description of the property
  • Take great photos
  • Utilize all advertising avenues – internet, paper, and pamphlets

By using the right advertising portals along with pushing all avenues possible you have a better chance of your property being known around the community.

Arrange Viewings – When it comes to showing your property make sure you do a few things before the person arrives:

  • Take the time to vacuum and clean the property.
  • Add some fake or real flowers around the rooms as this will brighten up the home.
  • Open all curtains to let in natural sunlight.
  • Pack away dishes so the benches are all clean and neat.
  • Remove any bulky items from tables, benches, or other surface areas.
  • Take out the trash.


When it comes to selling your home by yourself, why not follow these great Cooper City property management tips to help create a quick sale. By using these tips, you may find your property will be sold in no time at all. So how did your sale go?


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