Top 4 Property Selling Mistakes Home Owners Make When Selling For The First Time

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Looking to sell your home? Need to sell it in a hurry? Selling your home can be a stressful and costly affair. The mainselling mistakes goal that many home owners want to achieve is to sell their home quickly while maintaining their desired return profit. Unfortunately, there are many different properties on the market which have been sitting for months. This is generally due to a few common mistakes which home owners makes when selling their property for the first time. The following are some common mistakes any Cooper City property management company will tell you that first time home sellers make when selling their property.

Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Property

Mistake: #1 – Overpricing Your Property

Pricing your property is the most important thing any Cooper City property management company will tell you, you need do when it comes to selling your home. Although you want the highest profit margin possible, you also need to consider the downfalls of overpricing your property. An overpriced property will cause problems with a slow selling period resulting in your property sitting on the market for longer than you’d like it to. However, if you drop the price of your property to a more affordable range, you will stir more interest from potential buyers. This can lead to a bidding war which may cause you to still reach your desired profits without the market wait.

Mistake #2 – Not Preparing Your Property

Another property selling mistake that many home sellers make is neglecting to prepare the property prior to its sale. Some things that you should consider include fixing any damages, completing maintenance issues, and decluttering the property to make it look presentable upon viewing. Many sellers like to ‘stage’ their property. Take the time to tidy your home. This will improve buyer interest and will make the property more appealing compared against others on the market.

Mistake #3 – Not Advertising Your Property Correctly

To sell your property quickly you need to advertise it correctly to gain interest. Many people rely only on real estate windows to sell their home, unfortunately in this technology based day and age, there’s a lot of potential buyers which are missed. To advertise your property, make sure you use all advertising avenues available to you including, but not limited to real estate listing websites, real estate windows, and real estate magazines to name a few. The description of your property should highlight the best parts of the property. Avoid saying anything that isn’t true about your property as potential buyers will find out and will be disappointed.

Mistake #4 – Not Working With The Right Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents will jump at the chance to sell your home. Unfortunately, there are some which may be more incompetent than others. If you’re hoping for a fast sale, research the agents in your area to see which one features a higher selling rate. Some things to look out for when hiring a real estate agent include:

  • Are they interested in your property to begin with?
  • Do they waste time with you or your buyers?
  • Do they give you bad pricing advice?
  • Do they offer limited marketing opportunities?

Hiring the wrong real estate agent can jeopardise your property’s sale in major ways, so choose wisely.


If you’re a home owner selling your property, it’s worthwhile considering all aspects of property selling to ensure you sell quickly and effectively with desired profit returns. By following these Cooper City property management selling mistake tips above, you can make your property sale an enjoyable one. So how fast did you sell your property?



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