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When it comes to property management it’s important to know all the facts before you decide on which Fort Fort Lauderdale property managementLauderdale property management company you should hire. While property management companies are all different, they do offer a wide variety of service options for the price they charge. For those about to hire a Fort Lauderdale property management company, here’s an expert checklist of what you need to check before hiring one.

Rental Services Checklist That Your Property Manager Should Complete

Provide Accurate Rental Rates

Your property management company in Fort Lauderdale should be able to provide you with accurate rental rates on all rental properties you own. They should also be able to help give advice on the rental rates your property should be set for when re-renting. This is done through heavy evaluation of the neighborhood and current market.

Perform Tenant Screenings

Another thing they should be able to complete is screening possible tenants for your rental property. The screening process enables for the property management company to remove any tenants from the application process which aren’t suitable to rent your property. Generally, they will complete credit histories, income verification, to other tenant screenings procedures.

Assist With Rent Collection

Fort Lauderdale property management companies should also be able to assist with the collection of rent from tenants. They should be able to collect the rent each week, get in touch with renters that aren’t paying, and address any issues that may be occurring in the tenant/rental agreement.

Provide Property Maintenance Services

Your property management company should be able to assist with property maintenance services when managing your property. This includes making sure the property is being taken care of when and if the tenants damage it in any way, complete any repairs that are required. This is important for the upkeep of your property. They can check the property through inspections.


Fort Lauderdale property management companies can provide you with professional property management services based on this checklist. These however aren’t all the services they can provide, so it’s best to consult with your property management company for the best results. Republic Property Management can offer a complete property management service solution for all your individual rental property needs. So are you ready to choose your property management company in Fort Lauderdale?

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