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Are you looking to lease your property? Considering whether to hire a Davie property management company? Whenlandlord mistakes you become a landlord there are many different responsibilities that are placed on your shoulders. For new landlords this can be a very daunting and a challenging time. Unfortunately, many new landlords tend to make the same mistakes, so the following is a guide to the top mistakes that inexperienced landlords tend to make the first time around.

Landlord Mistakes You Should Avoid

Not Screening Your Tenants Properly – The first mistake that first time landlords tend to make is not screening their tenants properly. This can result in tenants that don’t take care of your property. Unfortunately, many landlords get caught this way and have to repair major costly damages to fix their home. Using a Davie property management company is a great way of letting a professional property manager screen the tenants for you so you don’t get caught.

Underestimating Ongoing Property Maintenance – When you lease your property out it can cost you more than you think in ongoing property maintenance. To keep your tenants interested in renting the property, you must maintain it. This can be a cost that new landlords aren’t expecting.

Not Signing The Contract – When renting your property out it’s important to always get a signed contract of any agreements. Never rely on a handshake as it can’t hold up in court if you run into trouble.

Not Hiring A Property Management Company – Last, but not least, many new landlords don’t take the opportunity to hire a Davie property management company. This unfortunately can lead you to all sorts of problems. Property management companies in Davie, Fort Lauderdale can take care of everything associated with your property so you don’t have to worry. Property managers are a great investment for any investment property owner.


When becoming a landlord there are plenty of responsibilities that you need to take care of. By considering these helpful tips, you can make sure you don’t make the mistakes that many landlords make. Republic Property Management is proud to offer high quality investment property management services which can take the responsibility off your shoulders. Let us do the hard work for you. So were these helpful for you?



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