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A unit can make a great investment for any real estate investor who is hoping to make additional funds over time. chicago-690364_1280While units aren’t the first choice when homes are available, they can provide a more affordable solution for those who may not have a lot of additional money to spend. So, what do you look for when buying a unit in Fort Lauderdale? This guide will give you the top tips of what to look for when buying a unit for investment purposes. Let’s take a look.

What To Consider When Unit Buying

  1. Good Location – The location is important and will add more appeal to many possible renters. It should be in a lower crime area and be near shopping centres, schools, public transport and recreational facilities. The location can help to determine whether you receive a higher income from the rent.
  2. Good Outdoor Appeal – The outdoor and street appeal is also important. If the exterior appeal is nice it can help add that additional interest from renters which means your unit won’t stay vacant for very long. This is great if you’re looking to rent it out as soon as possible.
  3. Quality – Unless you’re going to be renovating the unit, it’s also important that you work on buying a unit that’s of high quality. The inside of the unit shouldn’t need much work if you’re paying a higher price for it. Always check the interior for any damage, work that needs completing, and whether anything else is required as this will save you time and money later.
  4. Car Space – Some units don’t have car spaces, if you really want to appeal to your possible renters, try to find a unit that has a car space as well. Car spaces are very appealing and can improve the value of your unit at a later date. This is why it’s always a good idea to look for units with car spaces.


When it comes to buying a unit, there’s so many different things that need to be taken into consideration. Units can be a sound investment and with a little time comparing them, you can find one that’s perfect for your needs. Republic Property Management can manage your Fort Lauderdale property so you don’t have to do anything. So, are you going to invest in a unit?


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