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Property managerThinking about investing in a property manager? Not sure what to expect from them? Property managers can be a great asset to any investment property owner. However, if you’re hiring one for the first time you may be a little hesitant on what they actually do for you? The following is a Fort Lauderdale property management guide on what to expect from a great property manager. By evaluating the different services of each company you can work out which one is best for your Fort Lauderdale property needs.

What You Can Expect Your Property Manager To Do

Find Quality Tenants – A great Fort Lauderdale property management company will be able to find quality tenants for your investment property. The property manager should be able to complete the screening process for possible tenants and take into account their rental history, criminal history, credit history and employment history. In the long run this will help your property stay tidy and in great conditions for long term profits.

Manage All Finances – Another important jobs that any Fort Lauderdale property manager will complete is the management of all your finances. This includes collecting rent, holding security deposits and charging/paying any fees that are required. A great property manager will make sure the tenant pays on time and chases up the payment if it’s late. They will also advise you on rent increases and other profit/costs associated with your investment property.

Handle All Maintenance – When things break in an investment property, your property manager should be able to manage the situation and have the problem fixed without you having to lift a finger. They should also complete regular maintenance checks to make sure the property is being taken care of all year round.

Handle Tenant Transition – As life goes on tenants come and go, and this can be stressful for any property owner in the Fort Lauderdale area. A great property manager can take the stress off you by managing all tenant transition issues which may arise. This can be anything from inspecting the property after the tenants have moved out to replacing the tenant after all repairs have been completed. This saves you time and money.


Whether you’re looking for someone to manage your property or you just want a break from handling the responsibilities, Republic Property Management can help take the stress out of your life. We can handle everything with your property so you don’t have to worry about a thing. We can handle residential and commercial property management in the Fort Lauderdale area. So if you’re looking for a Fort Lauderdale property management company, you’ve come to the right place at Republic Property Management. So are you going to hire a property manager for your investment home?


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