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Are you screening tenants for your investment home? Need to make sure you don’t move someone in that’s going to tenant ruin your place? When it comes to screening tenants, it’s important to keep an eye out for the warning signs so you don’t end up paying more in property damage and maintenance than what the rent covers. If you’re screening tenants yourself, the following are the top warning signs that any Davie property management company will tell you to look out for.

What To Look Out For When Screening Tenants

Difficult Tenants

Difficult tenants can be seen in many ways. Generally, they don’t want to sign the rental agreement or ask why they need to agree to certain things to complete the agreement. Difficult tenants tend to be a higher risk to investment property owners. If your prospective tenant is trying to get around certain aspects of the agreement, avoid renting your property out to that person.

Tenants In A Hurry

Be wary of tenants who are in a hurry and who want to rent out a property as soon as possible. This may mean they have been thrown out of their last place due to damaging the property. Always ask why they’re in a hurry, and make sure you take your time and don’t be rushed through. Also check to see whether the paperwork is completed accordingly so you don’t run into trouble later on.

Don’t Have All The Information

Tenants who are seeing you about the rental application should have all the relevant information on them before your appointment, especially if they’re serious. If your possible tenant wants to take the application home because they don’t have all the info, it can mean they’re a higher risk of backing out at the last minute.

Speak With Money

Possible tenants who speak with their money more than their qualifications should also be avoided. Those who offer upfront large amounts of rent weeks in advance to hurry the process through should ring alarm bells with you. Sometimes these people say such things to hurry to process along and then don’t follow through with what they promised before the agreement.


When looking to rent your property out yourself, it’s important to see the warning signs of possible bad tenants before handing over the keys. Republic Property Management is proud to offer Davie property management services which can help to screen tenants for you. We can handle all the important details of renting out your investment home so you don’t have to. With our professional Davie property managers, you don’t have to worry about a thing. So did you find the right tenant for your investment home?


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