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Are you looking to sell your investment property? Need to sell at the right time? When looking to sell, it’s important property management to wait for the surge in the market to get the best value possible. Although how do you know when the time is right? Understanding the different factors that can trigger a price increase is important to help make your selling or buying time a winning investment. The following is a Cooper City property management guide on the signs to look out for when your suburb is able to surge in value.

Signs Of A Property Market Surge

Demand Vs Supply – One key sign is when the demand for property outweighs the supply. If there’s only a few decent properties on the market and you have real estate agents calling you, you can probably be certain that the market is about to surge.

Drop In Property Discounts – Another thing to look for is whether properties are selling at their highest price and how much of a discount is offered on the property. Any Cooper City property management company will tell you that when less discounts are being offered the better the market is becoming.

More Auctions – When property demand is strong, real estate agents tend to sell properties by auction. If you see plenty of auctions on the market this is a sure sign that the property market is about to surge. Auctions have a way of pushing the price up further when demand is strong.

Falling Vacancy Rate – A falling vacancy rate also signals a higher demand in the property market. Low vacancy rates mean there’s a shortage in rental accommodation to the number of tenants who are looking for homes. This means that higher rents and prices of property will increase.


When looking to sell your investment home on the market, it’s key to sell it at the right time. If you’re overwhelmed by preparing the property, removing the tenants, or managing the property until sale, then it may be best to hire a Cooper City property management company like Republic Property Management. Republic Property Management can handle all your property management needs before the big sale. So are you going to wait for a surge period before you sell?

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