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When it comes to selling your Fort Lauderdale property or home,selling tips not everyone has the finances to hire professional tradesmen and landscapers to work on your property to get it in fine condition. If you’re about to put your home on the market and want to get it ready in an affordable manner, here are some property management tips you can use to gain more returns on the sale of your Fort Lauderdale property.

Start With The Exterior

Any property manager will tell you to start with the exterior when it comes to saving money. Some simple things you can do on a budget to increase the look of your home includes:

  • Keeping your lawn mowed
  • Wash the exterior windows
  • Plant flowers such as marigold or other yellow flowers as the color yellow invites a fresh clean look.
  • Paint the front door and replace the locks and door handles
  • Hose down and clean the house to remove cobwebs and dirt
  • Purchase a new welcome mat and place it in front of the door or steps
  • Replace or clean the front porch light

Kitchen Updating On A Budget

Kitchens are one of the most expensive yet important rooms in a home when it comes to selling your Fort Lauderdale home or rental property. Some simple ways to improve the look of your kitchen without spending the earth include:

  • Purchasing new knobs and handles for the doors on your cupboards.
  • Re-grout the tiles as this will give it a brand new fresh look.
  • Wash down all the cupboards, sinks, benches and stove.
  • Give it a new paint job.

Painting The Interior

Nothing bring life back to a Florida property than by giving it a brand new paint job. While professional painters may cost the earth, you can simply paint the rooms yourself to save money. Here are some tips when painting the interior.

  • Paint every room the same color.
  • Choose soft off white colors
  • Lighter colors than the walls on the ceiling make ceilings higher

Freshen Up Your Bathroom

There are plenty of different ways you can update your bathroom and give it a fresh new look. These include:

  • Consider replacing the vanity or toilet if they are stained or really outdated.
  • Clean the bath to remove any stains
  • Clean shower to remove mold and water stains
  • Hang new towels, a shower curtain, or replace the mat
  • Place scented candles within the room to give it a spa like effect.
  • Repaint the walls or re-grout the tiles

When competing against the other Fort Lauderdale homes for sale on the market, with these simple tips you can make yours stand out from the real estate crowd.


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