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Fort Lauderdale Property Property maintenance is serious if you want to keep your property value high when selling or renting it out at a later date. A Fort Lauderdale property management company can help to keep your property in good working order while it’s being rented out. However, if you’re in the market to do it yourself, here’s some top maintenance tips when it comes to the key different areas of a property where repairs may be needed. Let’s take a look.

Repair and Maintenance Tips For Rented Properties

Bathroom and Kitchen  Problems

  • If the drains are blocked, try to use some powerful chemicals like Draino to help clear the blockage. If this hasn’t worked attempt to pour boiling water down the skin to help, clear up the old soap scum or lose hair. If you can’t unblock it you’ll need to hire a plumber.
  • If there’s tiles falling off the wall get a small bucket of adhesive and attempt to stick new tiles in their place. Without repairing tiles you run the risk of water damage to the wall behind. If you’re planning to redo the whole bathroom then it’s a good idea to hire a tiler to make sure everything is straight.

Power Problems

  • If you’re having power problems and you’re in charge of the electrical bill, it’s a good idea to check whether the bill is completely paid up to date.
  • Check with the neighbour to see if they have the same problem, if they do call the electrical supplier and report the power outage.
  • Check your home switches in your power box. If there’s a switch that keeps flicking, try turning different things on and offer to see whether there’s an appliance that flicks it.
  • Call an electrician to see whether they can address the issue.
  • Replace lightbulbs if lights aren’t working.

Hot Water Problems

  • Check to see whether the water tank is leaking and search for water damage or wet patches.
  • Double check to see whether the hot water system is turned on.
  • Check the fuse box to make sure the power hasn’t flipped for the water heater.
  • Check to make sure all valves are turned on or in the right position.
  • If this is done you may need to hire a professional to take a look at it.


Fort Lauderdale property management maintenance is a big thing when moving new renters into your investment property. Republic Property Management can handle all investment home property maintenance and can manage ongoing maintenance during the rental period. By taking the time to check your home properly and addressing these key areas you’ll be able to rent and maintain your property for years to come. So, have you checked these areas before renting your property out?

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