5 Must Have Broward County Property Management Tips For Keeping Great Tenants

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One of the dreams for any investment property owner is owning a successful investment property. Any Broward tenantsCounty property management company will tell you that a successful investment property comes down to having a profitable revenue stream coming in. The key to this is to have great long term tenants. Although, finding and keeping good tenants may be harder than you think. The following are some helpful tips that you can use to find and keep great investment property tenants.

Top Tips For Keeping Great Property Tenants

Hire A Great Property Manager

Utilizing a great Broward county property management company can be a great asset to any investment property in Fort Lauderdale. Property managers work hard to ensure your new possible tenants are screened before the property is rented out. Property managers also help to enhance overall rental returns, take care of day to day maintenance issues, provide legal guidance, negotiate tenancy renewals and take care of anything else associated with the property in question.

Keep Communication Open

Another great way to help find and keep great tenants is by keeping the communication lines open between your tenants, your Broward county property management company and yourself. Make sure you communicate to your property manager about your expectations of the investment property. Hear their ideas and suggestions, and be responsive while working as a team. This way your tenants will feel secure in their rental process if anything arises with the property while they’re living there.

Be Prepared For Unforeseen Costs

Being a responsible investor in the Fort Lauderdale area means you must be ready financially. Great tenants who are paying high rental prices expect great value for money. This means your Fort Lauderdale property must be in good condition at all times. During the rental period there are times when maintenance will be required. Always put a part of the budget aside for maintenance costs to keep the property in pristine condition.

Invest In A Suitable Fort Lauderdale Property

The type of investment property in Fort Lauderdale that you purchase will also impact whether your home is appealing to great tenants. Consider things such as the location, transport accessibility, school accessibility as well as community and job opportunities. If you’re targeting a specific tenant, make sure you cater for that type of tenant with the house you purchase.

Rent Or Lease To Pet Owners

Pet owners are generally willing to pay the money if the property is pet friendly. They can also become great tenants because they are more than willing to keep the home where their pet is allowed. Pet friendly properties in Fort Lauderdale are in demand and pet owners are very appreciative to find a home that can cater for their extended family. Generally, they will do what it takes to keep their pet friendly rental property.


When renting an investment home in Fort Lauderdale, it’s important to get the right tenant. By following these few tips, you can easily keep great tenants for a long time to come.


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