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Any Fort Lauderdale property management company will tell you that it’s in your best interest to maximize your asset’s return. One way to help achieve this is to maximise your rental return. The following are 10 ways to help with maximizing your rental home or apartment in Fort Lauderdale.property management

  1. Refresh

Refreshing your property can really add value and maximise returns. Simple things such as new curtains, paint, light fixtures and so on can really enhance the look thus increasing your Fort Lauderdale rental return. You will also open your home to a new market of tenants as well for more diversity.

  1. Longer leases

Longer leases tend to offer better returns in the long run. A 12+ month lease is more appealing to tenants and allows for continuous cash flow for a longer period of time.

  1. Minimise vacancies

Getting professional photos done to advertise your Fort Lauderdale property is great for exposing the best sides of your property.  Placing your rental property ad on a dominant website can help to bring more exposure to the property.

  1. Set the rent at 95% of market

For better enquiries set your asking rent at 95% instead of 100%. This will open new doors and create more enquiries for your property. It also allows you to pick the best possible and most qualified tenant application.

  1. Include garden maintenance 

Including garden maintenance within your rent can also help to solve two problems.

The neglect of your property’s backyard and front yard.

Allows for an increase of the market rent with a expense that is tax deductible.

  1. Consider Pets

Pets are commonly owned by many tenants and by allowing your property to have pets your Fort Lauderdale investment property won’t stay vacant for long. Pet owners are keener to pay higher rents because they can have their pet.

  1. Mod cons

Modern convenience appliances can also help to improve rental returns. Tenants love new dishwashers, remote garage access, air conditioning, security features, and more. Incorporating these into your rental property can help to increase tenant applications.

  1. A good tenant

Having a good tenant is half the battle when it comes to renting your property. Hiring a Fort Lauderdale property management company can really enhance your investment and find the right tenants through a proper screening process.

  1. Proactive Property Management

A proactive property manager in the Broward County area will take note on all the things that need to be fixed without being told.

A good Fort Lauderdale property management company is essential to keeping your investment property maintained for many years to come.

  1. Some Don’ts
  • Furnish
  • Rental guarantees
  • Short term lets
  • Getting too involvedwith the tenants
  • Set the rent to the price needed to pay the mortgage
  • Self-manage instead use a property management company in Fort Lauderdale
  • Let your leases expire at the quieter times of the year
  • Be the smartest investor in the roombe open to taking feedback
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