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When purchasing a Fort Lauderdale property it’s important to be approved by a mortgage lender. As the house buying process begins, there are many different areas which need to be covered. Although what happens when your mortgage lender starts to become difficult? One sure thing when this happens is that your schedule of buying a Fort Lauderdale property starts to lead off track. So mortgage lenderswhat do you do if you encounter this?

How Mortgage Lenders Can Be Difficult?

  • Deed restrictions
  • Lost paperwork
  • Last minute underwriting conditions
  • New indemnity affidavits and waivers
  • Unreasonable inspection and property condition demands

Why Do Lenders Start Being Difficult?

Borrowers can only act effectively and intelligently if they can understand why lenders are making them jump through the different obstacles. Many lenders will exhibit the following:

  • Simply don’t want to complete the deal
  • Scared of doing the loan
  • Not the right fit for the borrower
  • Lack of competitiveness and greed
  • Extreme due diligence
  • Sheer incompetence

So why exactly do mortgage lenders sometimes become difficult? There are many reasons although it really comes down to the individual lender and their particular policies or rules.

What You Can Do?

If you’re experiencing lender issues, it’s important to get to the bottom of things to take the right action. In order to do this, start talking to your loan officer. They will be the most willing to talk to you. See whether your situation is something worth chasing. Also check with a variety of loan contractors to see if they think your loan application is reasonable.

Tips for Avoiding Loan Challenges in the Future

  • Try to work with the best vendors which will alert you to lender issues to begin with.
  • Recognize when it’s time to switch to another lender to get the deal complete.
  • Use private money that doesn’t have any ties to 3rd parties or that require intricate underwriting loops.
  • When closing dates are sensitive, consider using pre-established-credit lines instead of waiting on mortgage approval.
  • Develop a respected relationship with everyone in the process.
  • Know your lender and what loan program rules they have in place.
  • Collect and have all your information ready and organized for a smooth Fort Lauderdale home buying process.


Any Fort Lauderdale property management company will tell you that by following these simple tips you can help to make a difficult Fort Lauderdale home buying process a much more enjoyable one.


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